Content - Code of Business Conduct

Code of Business Conduct of EXMAR

The EXMAR GmbH (EXMAR) pledges to comply with the following minimum standards regarding social, ethical, environmental behaviour at all its locations and expects the same of its suppliers and partners.

1. Business Ethics
EXMAR adheres to the principles of corporate responsibility toward society. The business relations of EXMAR are based on mutual trust and honesty. EXMAR is committed to conducting its business activities around the world in a responsible manner. All employees abide by the national laws in place at their respective locations and refrain from any activities which may damage the trust in our firm, in particular corrupt and immoral acts.
EXMAR respects the intellectual property rights of its business partners. Employees treat secret and patent-protected information confidentially.

2. Social Responsibility
EXMAR upholds internationally proclaimed human rights and provides good and safe working conditions. The following work principles are observed by EXMAR:

  • Child labour
    EXMAR does not employ children and complies with local regulations regarding minimum age requirements.

  • Forced labour and working hours
    All forms of prison, involuntary or forced labour are forbidden at EXMAR. Furthermore, all types of physically abusive disciplinary measures are not tolerated. The working time corresponds to the number of working hours permitted under national law.
  • Harassment and discrimination
    Employees of EXMAR are evaluated according to their professional capabilities and not on the basis of personal characteristics, circumstances or beliefs. EXMAR does not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, religion or membership in trade unions or political parties, age, marital status, pregnancy, origin or social background, handicap or sexual orientation.

  • Freedom of association
    EXMAR respects the right to associate freely. Every employee is free to join any association, to seek representation and to participate in collective bargaining.

  • Remuneration
    EXMAR pays its employees' wages and benefits, which accord with legal requirements and cover the costs of living. We strictly reject wage reductions as a disciplinary measure.
  • Health and safety
    Safe and healthy working conditions are important to EXMAR. EXMAR encourages the continual improvement of health and safety standards and is committed to observing all applicable laws at the local and national levels.
  • Product safety
    EXMAR assures that EXMAR products and services do not constitute a safety risk to employees, customers, operating and maintenance personnel, neither during the manufacturing process nor during the entire product lifetime.

3. Environmental responsibility
EXMAR is dedicated to conserving natural resources. We conduct our business so that the manufacturing process and the products themselves impact the environment as little as possible. This is evident in the choice of raw materials, optimal material and energy consumption and the consistent integration of environmental aspects in research, development, production, use and disposal.