Content - Treatment SI

SI – Treatment - silicone-free

Application area
Tube connectors and valves which primarily come into contact with paints and varnishes may not have any silicon compounds on the media-contacting surfaces because these would prevent wetting of the surfaces.

Surface cleanliness < 33mg/m2 TOC per ASTM* G93-96, level B.
Every order is traceable; assembly and testing are done in a special, clean environment, EXMAR specifications CSO-OX.
The whole production process is silicone-free.
(*American Society for Testing and materials)

Scope of supply
Parts are individually packaged, in weld-sealed PE bags, special label, pre-assembled for installation, initial lubrication.

Where necessary, a guaranteed silicone-free lubricant is used.

Product range
Unions and valves in:
- brass
- chem. nickel-plated brass
- stainless steel
Other products on request

Ordering information
EXMAR components which need to be cleaned and supplied silicone-free according to CSO-OX must be clearly marked with SI after the material number or the material description when ordering.
e.g.: WEV-22LR 3.4 SI
or     708.2406.768.21.SI