Environmental protection

EXMAR is part of the SERTO Group. Production, assembly and shipping are handled by SERTO in Frauenfeld. How does SERTO protect the environment? What possibilities does a company have to make a daily contribution to public welfare? Strategic decisions ensure a long-term commitment for the benefit of all.
Not only do our products and services decide how our natural resources are used and how our environment is impacted, but also the choice of our business partners and materials. Even our internal logistics affect our contribution toward protecting the environment.

Pro clima

Since summer 2008 SERTO has been dispatching products for delivery within Europe directly from production. Approximately 35,000 packages with an average weight of six kilos are sent every year. Lorries come to Frauenfeld daily to pick up shipments. The packages find their way via various distribution centres to their final destination: on the customer‘s doorstep. Routes on which exhaust is produced and the environment is polluted.
These emissions cannot be avoided entirely. But we can do something to reduce emissions in other places. This is the basic concept of CO2 compensation. With "pro clima" the Swiss Postal Service offers the possibility of climate-neutral shipping.
For each package and delivery zone, the Postal Service adds a small surcharge. These surcharges are dedicated to climate protection projects, such as wind farms or solar installations. SERTO will be participating in the "pro clima" project as of January 2010 and paying a contribution to climate protection projects on each transport unit. Our invoices for these shipments will feature the "pro clima" label.

Confirmation 2019

Minergie standard

Minergie is a Swiss construction standard for new and modernised buildings. Minergie buildings are characterised by very low energy requirements and the highest possible proportion of renewable energies. Living and working comfort is made possible by a high-quality building envelope and systematic air renewal.

The production and office building in Frauenfeld is built to the Minergie standard. The indoor climate is ensured on the one hand by controlled air circulation in suspended ceilings and floors and on the other by consistent sun protection.

Solar plant

A photovoltaic system is installed on the roof of the SERTO AG production building in Frauenfeld, which supplies 200,000 kWh of electricity annually. This corresponds to the electricity consumption of approx. 35 single-family houses. You can view the current electricity production at any time by clicking on the link.

Status electricity production Frauenfeld

Since 2019, the two production facilities in the Czech Republic and Italy have also had solar power systems at their disposal. This means that at least part of the energy required can be used from the company's own environmentally friendly source.

Heating with groundwater

Neither oil nor gas is used for heating, but the energy of the groundwater in the Thur plain is used in combination with a heat pump chiller. A pump extracts max. 1,000 litres of groundwater per minute from a depth of 14 metres. At another point, the water with a temperature difference of up to 3°C is returned to the ground.

Use of rainwater

Part of the rainwater from the roof of the SERTO AG production building is collected in a 40,000 litre tank. The filtered rainwater not only supplies all toilet facilities with flushing water, but also our water games in front of the company building and in our reception to the delight of our visitors and employees.

Use of waste heat

The central compressed air compressor produces the operating compressed air of 6 bar for the entire building. The resulting waste heat is fed into the heating system through a heat exchanger.

Environmental policy

SERTO Group is committed to the careful use not only of natural resources, but also of materials, auxiliary materials, manufacturing processes and production facilities. We regularly monitor the effectiveness and conformity of our environmental management system and our success is demonstrated by certification to ISO 14001.

Environmental policy EXMAR / SERTO Group