Maintain your flexibility!

High availability of our catalogue range

Optimize your inventories and take advantage of the high availability of our products. EXMAR keeps all catalogue items in stock, and your orders leave our factory within the shortest possible time. You keep your stock value low, we take care of high product availability and delivery capability so that your assembly does not come to a standstill.

Sealing materials

Most of the fittings are not assembled until you place your order. Therefore it is possible for us to respond to your wishes and to adapt the sealing material. The decisive factor for this is the medium used, please refer to our resistance lists.


  • FKM – temperature range -20°C to +200°C


  • NBR – temperature range -30°C to +100°C

  • NBR Low Temp – temperature range -50°C to +100°C

  • MVQ / Silicone Elastomer – temperature range -60°C to +250°C

  • EPDM – temperature range -40°C to +160°C

  • FFKM – temperature range -40°C to +315°C

Alternatives in our assortment

There is not DIE a solution for your application, our range offers many alternatives. You want a direction adjustable connection? Then there are solutions with shank or with sealing cone. Or a screw-in fitting? Then choose between different sealing options, metallic sealing edge or soft seal. If you have any questions, our sales representatives are there for you.

Order around the clock

With our Online Shop, you can order products from our catalogue assortment and schedule delivery at any time. These orders flow automatically into our production. Make use of the time advantage that results from this possibility.