Ready-to-fit pipelines (metalic tubes)

We assemble over 150,000 metres of metal pipes per year. We bend and press most of these with unions, valves and couplings for customer-specific solutions. Our ready-to-fit pipes are applied in many sectors, installed in everything from coffee machines to rail vehicles.

Pre-assembly of SERTO pipes

SERTO's competence in the production department starts with the purchasing and storage of the pipes, and expands to the use of optimal processing and bending machines, quality control through to the completion of the pipes with SERTO components or other parts - according to customer requirements. Ready-to-fit pipelines mean that you have an installation-ready solution for assembly in your application.

Do you have any special requests or requirements? Our competent and solution-oriented engineering team is happy to prepare an efficient and rapid solution for you.

Pre-assembled with EXMAR cutting ring components

We assemble our pipes for you with cutting ring unions, valves, ball valves and other parts from the EXMAR range. Thanks to the large stock in Frauenfeld, you benefit from short reaction times and fast and flexible service.

Pre-assembled with EXMAR NC clamping ring components

Especially for applications with increased corrosive stress we recommend the use of our clamping ring connections. You can choose from an equally large range of connection sizes from 6 to 25 mm.

Pre-assembled with special parts

Orbital-welded or vacuum-welded components are increasingly in demand.  We can also offer you a suitable solution for this requirement thanks to our many years of experience and professional partners. Of course, we also press components from competitors if a customer requests this. This applies whether these are supplied by the customer or if we purchase them ourselves in accordance with the customer requirements.

Examples of ready-to-fit pipes

One-dimensional bent, assembled stainless steel tubes

Bent and assembled tubes in three different sizes

Bent tube with assembled elbow fittings

left: cutting ring connection, right: NC clamping ring connection with inside silver-plated nut