Lacquer / dosing technology

Focal point: Diversity in use

Dosing technology can be found in many industries, on the one hand chemicals are dosed, on the other hand food and water. EXMAR products have high chemical resistance to all common media and are approved for use with foodstuffs. Our fittings, ball valves and check valves operate reliably with pressures up to 800 bar. In painting technology, paints and varnishes make special demands on the surface cleanliness, silicone compounds would prevent the wetting of the surface, therefore EXMAR offers you unlubricated, if necessary also ultrasonically cleaned components.

PressurePressures up to 50 bar
TemperatureRoom temperature
MediumPaints, solvents, compressed air, gas, water
ApplicationsPainting plants, irrigation plants, filling plants for gases and liquids


Examples of use with EXMAR products

Color changer

Paint supply lines

Paint supply system / paint mixing room

Non-contact cleaning of the air cap on the automatic pistol