On-/Offshore / Shipbuilding

Focal point: Approvals

In various industries, e.g. shipbuilding, products require relevant approvals. Globally recognised classification societies evaluate design, construction and reliability by means of drawing tests and expert opinions, thus confirming the suitability of the products. By establishing and applying standards, customers gain confidence in the use of suitable components, machines and plants. We offer our customers ABS, BV, CCS and RMRS approvals for use in ships and offshore installations.

PressurePressures less than 100 bar
TemperatureRoom temperature up to max. +100°C
MediumPrimarily air, but also (salt) water, oil, gases

Certification ABS, Certification BV, Certification CCS, Certification RMRS

ApplicationsShip/yacht construction, oil and gas production facilities, shipyard and port facilities


Examples of use with EXMAR products

Assembly of hydraulic pipelines on deck machines

Watertight doors and deck machinery on semi-submersible salvage vessels

Hydraulic piping on ship and land loading systems

Anchor winch for a crane ship