Investments in our production facilities

In order to be able to react more quickly and flexibly to the needs of our customers, we have expanded our system production facilities with a tube storage area, a sawing machine and a bending machine.

There is frequently a tube at the beginning of an assembly. Our customers are active in a very wide range of sectors and have clear, application-specific requirements in terms of the tube materials and qualities. In order to be able to react with our usual level of speed, we have expanded our tube storage warehouse by two paternoster racks which have almost tripled our storage capacity.

We have not only expanded the warehouse, but have also invested in the further processing of tubes. A new, high-performance saw with connected magazine and tube loader and an integrated deburrer means that the tubes can be processed more quickly. The saw has been designed for processing 6 metre rods. Sections from 15 cm that we can now supply to our customers as standard are produced fully automatically.

In the next step, tube bending, our machine park has been expanded to include a bending machine for large series with external tube diameters of up to 10 cm. These investments not only guarantee that we will remain up-to-date in terms of technology, but that we can also react more flexibly to the requirements of our customers.